Used in paper, non-woven,fabric,melt-woven, bags applications.

Product range:

  • --Pneumatic knife holder,
  • --Pneumatic shear cutter,
  • --Air flowing knife holder,
  • --Cylinder knife holder,

Whether it's American or European style, Goodklife manufactures and supplies both custom-made and standard off-the shelf pneumatic air knife holders with its full accessories for your score and crush cut applications. 

As we are a pneumatic knife holder producer and have extensive application experience.  Many standard size pneumatic air knife holders are available from stock and can be shipped out to our customers worldwide. we are ableto help you find the most suitable quality for your cutting process, which is reflected in the durability of the knives, increased machine uptime, lower energy consumption and enhanced machine output. We help you to optimize your production process, reduce downtime and lower your tool costs.