• Round bottom knife blade
  • Round bottom knife blade

Round bottom knife blade

Round bottom knife blade is used for cutting paper.
The advantages of round bottom knife blades are high toughness, high wear resistance and smooth without bur.
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Round bottom knife blade

Round bottom knife blade is used for a wide range of materials such as paper, film, foil, tape, various tubes, rubber, leather, tobacco, food processing. It has the characteristics of high wear resistance and sharp edge. Based on the requirements of products' precision, sometime the cutting tool have to be close to micron precision. Common materials: 9CrSi、Cr12MoV、W6MO5Cr4V2、W18Cr4V, ect.

If you can not find the same type Round bottom knife blade from our website, please send us your Round bottom knife blade drawing, picture, even sample for checking. We will process according your requirements.

Product Feature:

1.Precision: ±0.02mm                                                              2.Sharpness: 18N~30N
3. Hardness: HRC40~68 degree                                             4. Any shape and size is available
5.Thickness range: 0.1mm~6.0mm                                         6.Edge trimming: Numerical control grinding
7.Ultra-thin, High precesion, Superhardnes                            8. for grooving and cutting with less procedure
9.Finishing(coating):  customized(TiN/TiC/TiCN/TiAN/CrN)
Chart of Standard Bottom Knife
Specification Outer Diameter Inner Diameter Width Thickness Keyway Width Keyway Depth Blade Angle
φ62*φ42*1 62 42 2 1 2.2 45 45°
φ62*φ42*1.5 62 42 2.5 1.5 2.2 44.5 45°
φ64*φ40*1 64 40 1.8 1 3 44 45°
φ75*φ45*1 75 45 2 1 3 49 45°
φ75*φ45*1.5 75 45 2.5 1.5 2.2 49 45°
φ100*φ75*1 100 75 2.3 1 2.2 77.6 45°
φ105*φ70*1 105 10 2 1 3.2 75 45°
φ105*φ70*1.5 105 70 2.5 1.5 3.2 75 45°
φ140*φ95*1 105 95 2 1 3.2 100 45°
Chart of Standard Bottom knife
Specification Outer Diameter Inner Diameter Width Blade Width Large-Medium Diameter Small-Medium Diameter Keyway Width Keyway Depth
φ70*φ45*8/10 70 45 10 8 67 59 10 49
φ70*φ45*2.5/4 70 45 4 2.5 67 59 10 49
φ80*φ50*3.5/5 80 50 5 3.5 77 65 10 53.8
φ80*φ50*8/10 80 50 10 8 77 65 10 53.8
φ80*φ50*8/10 80 60 10 8 77 69 - -
φ70*φ45*4/6 70 45 6 4 67 59 - -
φ108*φ80*8/10 108 80 10 8 105 90 - -
φ108*φ80*18/20 108 80 20 18 104 90 - -
Rough Process
Heat Treatment
Precision Grinding
Aluminium foil
Patent Material
Perfect Hardness
Enduring Sharpness
Punctual Delivery
Competitive Price
Professional After-sales Team
Efficient Services
Knifetooling Machinery Technology is located in Bowang Town which is one of the most famous town for blades in China. The company has been committed to providing knives and blades of high productivity and high precision. From raw material, heat treatment to finishing,Knifetooling keeps track and exercises strict control over every piece, in order to improve the performance of our products and production efficiency, at the same time reduce the production cost. By working with counterparts from western countries closely, Knifetooling continues to innovate and pursues the better quality. Besides standard raw materials like 9CrSi, D2, H13, the company also has its own special materials which are specializing in processing high tensile strength metal coils. Material-choosing, cutting performance improvement, professional advices are available here. Good material, skilled producing process and responsible after-sale service make our products popular at home and abroad.
As a leading company of industrial blades, we have cooperated with many first class forwarder all over the world, no matter you want to ship it by air or sea. Besides, in order to meet the urgent requirements of some customers, we have cooperated with some agents of courier, like DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT.
How can i get the goods, because it is my first time to import
We can provide DDP or DDU for some customers who purchases first time. Besides, we have some local agent in your country.
I want to place a trail order, can i pay not through company accounting?
Yes, we can accept Paypal, Western Union, Trade Assurance....etc.
How long is your production time?
Usually, it takes 45 days for most goods. If it is standard, we can send it within 5-7 days.
I have no drawing, but dimension and photos only. How can i know your products is suitable to us?
We will make production drawing according to your photos before we produce. In addition, we can make production drawing according to your sample.
How is your payment term?
Usually, we will collect 100% if the total amount is less, because we hope we can reduce the banking cost for both sides. If the total amount is more, we will collect 30% and 70%. In addition, we can accept Letter of Credit.

If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact me. We're glad to help you.

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