• Printing doctor blade
  • Printing doctor blade

Printing doctor blade

Printing doctor blade is used to scrape off the excess ink roller surface on printer chip divided into two kinds of metal and nonmetal. Printing doctor blade in each printing process, the removal of the design area of the printing ink is a key.
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Printing doctor blade
Length: 100m                                                                            Package: Plastic box 
Thickness: 0.15-0.5mm                                                            Material:  Sk4, C100, 20C
Material: SK4,C100,20C                                                           Usage: Remove the spare inks
Height: 20-60mm                                                                      Advantage: Burr-free, Widely Applied
OEM & ODM: Provided                                                             Certificate: ISO9001


                             Optional specifications

20x0.15 25x0.5 32x0.3 40x0.3 50x0.2
20x0.2 30x0.15 32x0.4 40x0.4 50x0.3
20x0.3 30x0.2 32x0.5 40x0.5 50x0.4
20.x0.4 30x0.25 35x0.2 45x0.15 50x0.5
20.x0.5 30x0.3 35x0.3 45x0.2 55x0.15
25x0.15 30x0.4 35x0.4 45x0.3 55x0.2
25x0.2 30x0.5 35x0.5 45x0.4 55x0.3
25x0.3 32x0.15 40x0.15 45x0.5 55x0.4
25x0.4 32x0.2 40x0.2 50x0.15 55x0.5
60x0.15 60x0.2 60x0.3 60x0.4 60x0.5

Printing doctor blade 


1, Save tool replacement labor costs.
2, Save tool change and shutdown waste.
3, Save knife cost. (The actual cost is lower than the standard squeegee.)
4. Save the scrap of printed materials caused by the knife line.
5. Pull up the coil with a straight edge angle of 3 meters.
6, Never rust.
7. The scraping effect is cleaner, no shadows, clear images, and better three-dimensional feeling. Flexible packaging bulk printing is a good helper.
8. Inspection assurance: The quality management of knives is an important task, which is invisible to the naked eye, so we have purchased advanced
    inspection equipment, hardness testers, roughness testers. Established blade quality inspection Laboratory.

Installation Precautions:

1. Install the new printing doctor blade at the center of the plate, the length is 20-30 mm longer than the printing plate.
2. When the new printing doctor blade is used, care should be taken to avoid damage to the scraper and hand injuries during installation.
3. The distance between the new
printing doctor blade
and the back of the knife and the knife holder should be based on the process requirements.
4. After the
printing doctor blade
is installed, the blade should be straight. 

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